Kenzo Gold goes to UK

Placed on september 3, 2015

Our horse Gentle Gem  –  who is sold by the Equine Elite Auctions 2014 –  to Mr. Davies  becomes a friend: Kenzo Gold.   Mr. Davies wrote: Gentle Gem is doing very well and is being professional ridden by Daryll Thickett who trains with Carl Hester. She is such a talented and beautiful horse much […]

Kay of Meli-Melo

Placed on augustus 5, 2015

Here he is the ET colt Kay of Meli-Melo. We love him.  His father is Governor(Totilas x Jazz) en his mother Meli- Melo ( Rubinstein x Purioso) Elite Pref Prest Sport dr..   Her famous son is  Etoile D.E.S. A luxurious, long-legged stallion sired by Olympic Don Schufro. On 30 May 2012 he was registered in […]

Kenzo Gold selected by Starsale Auctions

Placed on mei 15, 2015

This beautiful dark chestnut colt is selected by Starsale. The auction will take place at August  28 . Look for his fantastic pedigree : and  

Born Kenzo Gold

Placed on februari 28, 2015

A beautiful  colt foal is born. Father is Best of Gold ( Bellisimo M: Grand Prix x Diamond Hit: Grand Prix ): Oldenburg Champion  2013 with notes:  trot 9.5; canter 9.5; character 9.5; rideability 9.0. From this family are now 17 approved stallions and 5 Grand Prix and 13 to S level successful horses.  Mother: Fameli-Melo d.e.s : Elite  and […]

Two embryo’s Meli-Melo

Placed on augustus 18, 2014

Our famous mare Meli-Melo (Rubinstein x Purioso): elite, pref, prest. sport . The mother from stallion Etoile and Bellatre d.e.s. has two embryo’s brought. Etoile and Dinja van Liere Bellatre d.e.s. and Imke Schellekens-Bartels   One from Dark Pleasure. Dark Pleasure has much talent for dressage and gives his rider a very good feeling. Dark […]

Gentle Gem Elite

Placed on juli 18, 2014

Gentle Gem has a fantastic pedigree: Uphill (Grand-Prix) x Jazz (Grand-Prix) x Contango(Grand-Prix) x Rubinstein(Grand-Prix).  She was the best of the performance test on June 17 th 2014: 79 points . On Juli 15th 2014 she was the only 3 years mare who became the predicate: Elite

Gentle Gem highest score performance test

Placed on juni 18, 2014

Gentle Gem was the best of the performance test on June 17 th 2014: 79 points .  Gentle Gem has a fantastic pedigree: Uphill (Grand-Prix) x Jazz (Grand-Prix) x Contango(Grand-Prix) x Rubinstein(Grand-Prix).

Uphill successful in Grand-Prix

Placed on oktober 24, 2013

Uphill  successful  in GrandPrix . He is the father of Farfelu D.E.S. ,Fameli-Melo D.E.S. and Gentle Gem.

Grand Prix amazone bought Farfelu D.E.S.

Placed on augustus 20, 2013

Farfelu D.E.S. is the halfsister of the approved stallion Etoile and the halfsister of Bellatre D.E.S. ZZ-Licht- selected for the National Championship 2013. The amazone has great expectations of Farfelu D.E.S. We wish her good luck and success.

Etoile in the final of the PAVO cup

Placed on augustus 14, 2013

Etoile with Dinja van Liere became a very nice score of 83 points in the half final of the PAVO cup. We wish Dinja good luck in the final.

Everybody talks about Etoile . Number one in PAVO CUP Vrouwenpolder

Placed on juli 7, 2013

Etoile number one in PAVO CUP Vrouwenpolder. Everybody talks about Etoile. Number one in the PAVO Cup in Vrouwenpolder and the first foals are well-developed with good dressage horse conformation and the front legs have good length and good carriage and balance in the movements. This colt is 7 days old:    

Incroyable Beau D.E.S. is sold to Dubai

Placed on mei 23, 2013

People from UK, Germany, Austria, Spain and Holland would buy our Incroyable Beau D.E.S. But a buyer of Dubai was the first and she is the proudest buyer of my lovely black colt. Congratulation. I hope now to recieve embryo’s with the aid of  Dr. Esther de Melkert .  

Born Incroyable Beau D.E.S.

Placed on mei 11, 2013

A beautiful black colt foal is born on May 11th . Father is Sezuan. Mother is Meli-Melo: Sport, Elite, Prest. Preferent.

Cappuccino (Indoctro x Burggraaf) number 1 in Z-tour Lanaken

Placed on april 9, 2013

Rino Koets, Biggekerke is  the breeder of Cappuccino and the owner of his mother Sapajou. The mother of Sapajou is Hillechien Elite, Pref., Sport, Prest. (Purioso x Nimmerdor). The full sister from Cappuccino is bought by Abdel Said.

Etoile star of the stallion show

Placed on maart 3, 2013

Breeders take advantage: Don Schufro (Gr. Prix), Donnerhal (Gr. Prix), Rubinstein (Gr. Prix); mother-line: sport/prest.;sport/prest.;prest.  Breeding is not gambling.

Meli-Melo is in foal of Sezuan

Placed on januari 10, 2013

At the stallions’ 35-day performance test on Thursday at Vilhelmsborg one dressage stallion stood out compared to the others; Sezuan by Blue Hors Zack/Blue Hors Don Schufro scored 10 times 10 and his lowest score was 9.5! Meli-Melo is in foal of Sezuan.